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Round 3: Hosted by RB Sails

Date: Pros: Nov 11th-13th 2016
Ams, Masters, Ladies, Youths: Nov 12th-13th 2016

Cornwall CLASSIC (Rescheduled)

Location: Gwithian/Marazion, near Penzance, Cornwall.
Link to Google maps.

When: Pros: Nov 11th-13th
Ams, Masters, Ladies, Youths: Nov 12th -13th 2016

Who: Pros, Amateurs, Masters, Ladies, Youths

BWA Contact: nigel@britishwavesailingassociation.com

Event Contact: ian@rbsails.com

Entry Fee: Pro's £60.00; Ams, Masters, Ladies £50.00; Juniors and Students £35.00

Registration: Pre Registration online below. Registration times: Pros 10th November 7pm. Ams, Masters, Ladies, Youth 11th November 7pm

Head Judge: Ian Ross

Chief Photographer: Joe Cockle (JNP Event Photography)

Travel/Accom share info: TBC

Typical Conditions: Classic down-the-line but with some sneaky jumping at Marazion.

Weather forecast for Gwithian Cornwall

Entry form for the Cornwall Classic

To pre-enter Cornwall please fill out the form fields. After submitting this form you will be presented with a Paypal pay now button:


I agree to be bound by the rules of ISAF/RYA prescriptions and UKWA Freewave instructions and Championship guidelines.

I declare that I am either;

a) A current member of BWA/UKWA and therefore hold 3rd Party Insurance cover.
b) A member of PWA or other international association recognised by UKWA and hold 3rd party insurance.

I have read the safety instructions as posted on the BWA website for this event and am aware of the hazards and risks.

I acknowledge that windsurfing on the sea presents hazards that can lead to personal injury or death and understand that the decision to compete is mine alone. I enter the event of my own volition knowing the risks. I declare that under no circumstances will the organisers of the event be held responsible for any loss, damage, death or personal injury, however caused, or any loss or damage to any equipment howsoever caused which does not result from their own negligence.

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